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Annova is your innovation partner



ANNOVA provides knowledge services in several business segments:


∑ Advice and services to venture capital companies in mobile and wirelss communication technologies, global positioning(GPS), advanced robotics.


. Advice and investment/financing services to cleantech and energy.


∑ Advice and services to international organizations, national and regional governments on innovation management strategies and related issues.

. Advice and finance for newly started university spin-off companies. We have
the experience, the network and the knowledge to make a difference. 


∑ Advice, services and advanced training for companies and organizations involved in European joint programs for research and development, mainly to create leverage for investments and to enchance existing business networks.


∑ Project related crisis management and recovery of project integrity and control after serious management problems and/or Red flag in international incentive projects.


The company, and our related cooperation network and partners, have leading expertise in close-to-market transnational research cooperation and can present a long list of partner references from global companies international organizations, governments and universities.


And, our way of doing business is flexible. If you represent a Big company or a University with specific needs and requirements summarizied in a tender. We can meet your requrements and operate like any consultant company. But, if you represent a newly started firm, where financial resources are scarce, we can always provide a solution so both parties are satisfied. Sometimes, we can even act as business angels, as long as the market potential and the related business risks are visible and in balance.


Operation offices are situated in Brussels, Stockholm and UmeŚ.















Lets us join you in your efforts !