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Annova is your innovation partner.



ANNOVA is an investor and an international management consulting company, advising the top management of companies and public organizations on strategy, finance, technology, research and government liaison.


The mission of the company is to create added value for partners and clients in terms of creativity, flexibility and competitiveness by offering hands-on experience and proven expertise within our fields of competence. We also provide acces to investors and incentive program on regional national or international level. Where possible, we try to leverage the first or second round of finance with different industrial incentive programs. Additionally, we provide advanced training for international managers regarding national/ european incentive programs.


The company, and our wast European network and International subcontract partners, have world-class experience and expertise in close-to-market transnational innovation and research cooperation and can present a long list of partner references from global companies international organizations, governments and universities world wide.


Operation offices are situated in Brussels, Stockholm and Umea/Sweden















2009-09-01  Annova wins

international contract.


2009-03-12 Annova develops regional strateg


2009-01-02 Managing a 3MEuro regional development Project 

2008-11-01 New director in Stockholm 

2008-04-15 Education of project managers


2008-03-05 Management of Cluster




Archive, before 2008-01 

There are many routes to success or failure.  And, eventually, we all have to chose one. If we choose to stand still, we will surely fail.

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